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Ordo Tours’ home base is in Gauteng, South Africa, where our journey began 17 years ago as an inbound tour operator. Our story originates from a deep-routed passion for South Africa’s wilderness, conservation, exquisite destinations, and the delivery of impeccable service.

Our distinguished team collectively possesses over 70 years of industry experience. This wealth of knowledge equips us with an intimate understanding of the diverse needs and dreams of every traveller we serve.

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Ordo Tours specialize in Southern African travel and Kosher travel

Born from a passion for the South African bush, wilderness, conservation, fine destinations and fine dining, unquestionably superior service standards and fine dining.  Ordo Tours was established 17 years ago in Gauteng, South Africa as an inbound tour operator. The highly knowledgeable team boasts more than 70 years of collective experience in the tourism industry which has lead to an in-depth understanding of the varied needs and aspirations of the tourist who is our valued guest.

We seek to share our passion and unrivalled knowledge of South Africa, her abundant wildlife and her expanse of  natural beauty. Through us you will discover her most cherished secrets and be touched by her soul. We turn holidays into unforgettable lifetime experiences. We offer unique accommodation, day tours, packaged tours for individuals, family and friend leisure groups to large social groups as well as corporate incentive groups, incorporating all the essential tourist sites and routes in Southern Africa.

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Our Value

Travel is the food for the soul.

We are specialists in catering for the various specific dietary requirements of our Guests. We have vast experience in managing

Kosher, Vegetarian, Halal, Jain, Hindu diets on request.

We endeavour to create your “home away from home “ experience whilst not compromising on specified dietary requirements


At Ordo Tours , we see a world where every visitor is inspired and delighted by the expanse of natural beauty of Southern Africa in the most meaningful way offering value add on whilst contributing to the economic growth of Southern Africa through our vast network of trusted reliable stakeholders and service providers.


Ordo Tours is passionate about enriching lives through unparalleled travel experiences in the heart of Southern Africa and through departing global explorations of the outbound globe trotter. Our collaboration with our various carefully selected stakeholders ensures a seamless hassle-free travel experience living your dream and making unforgettable memories leaving footprints in Africa and Beyond and know that a portion of your booked travel experience enriches the lives of underprivileged persons through our charitable and non-profit organisations whom Ordo Tours supports ...including the care of abandoned animals.

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